Why Las Vegas Skydiving May be For You

There are many different places to enjoy skydiving all across the world, with each place offering something different to the next. What makes people want to skydive you may be asking? Well everyone has their own different reasons why they want to skydive, but it is mainly due to the experience of it. Some people may skydive to conquer their fear of heights whilst others may feel that their lives are mundane and they want to add excitement to it.

Whatever the reason may be, skydiving continues to be extremely popular for people of all ages. A great place to go skydiving would be in Las Vegas where the views will be nothing short of spectacular and the skydiving centers are extremely impressive as well.

Can Beginners Skydive in Las Vegas?

The great thing is that beginners can skydive in Las Vegas and you have to think that everyone starts as a beginner. Tandem skydiving is an option available to beginners and it is where a professional can help to show you the great views of Las Vegas from high up in the sky. You will be attached to a professional skydiver and you will not have to worry about anything as they construct the jump and landing. You will experience a massive adrenaline rush as you freefall towards the brilliant city of Las Vegas.

Is Las Vegas Only Good for Beginner Skydivers?

The beauty about skydiving in Las Vegas is that anyone who wants to can enjoy the whole experience. More advanced skydivers can join in the fun of skydiving and they can show their enthusiasm as well as joining in with the fun with the other students at the skydiving schools.

The great thing about some of skydiving schools in Las Vegas is that they welcome everybody, no matter if they are jumping for the first time or if they have done it many times before. You may even be lucky enough to be in a center that coaches people up to the national competition standard for formation and canopy formation skydiving.

Las Vegas is a place where a lot of people like to get married and one place that some people may consider is getting married just before jumping out of the plane. It is such a great experience that a married couple can do together and it will be a day which they will never forget.

As you can see Las Vegas skydiving is an extremely good place to go to have a life changing experience. Skydiving is available to people of all ages and skill levels and they are made welcome to the skydiving schools and centers.

Skydiving Facts – What to Expect

Skydiving is an activity that was created out of a necessity. If an aircraft got damaged during a flight, its passengers have no other option than to jump using a parachute. The first recorded instance of a successful parachute landing was in 1797, when Andre Jacques Farnerin boldly jumped out of a hot-air balloon and landed safely. The primary function of the parachutes was, and still is, to save the lives of air passengers in case of a plane crash. It was only later that parachuting was incarnated in the form of an adventurous hobby called skydiving.

Initially there were loud outcries about the safety of skydiving. The skydiving statistics and skydiving facts became the tools of anti-skydiving activists. But, soon it became clear that the safety procedures of skydiving and the quality of the skydiving gear are top class and accidents are rare. According to a recent study, the annual death toll in the United States due to this adventure sport is one in every 100000 jumps. If you compare this average with that of other normal activities like train or bus journeys – leave other adventure sports – you can find that the rate of fatality in skydiving is quite low.

There are some misconceptions about this sport. Most people believe that skydiving is the exclusive arena of the rich. It is only partially true. The skydiving gear and equipment are expensive no doubt about it, but there are organizations that conduct skydiving events for charity. These events are generally free. An interested person can participate in these events without spending any money. Another option is to find sponsors who are willing to provide finance for your skydiving venture for charity.

Another skydiving fact that wipes out a popular myth is that a person does not need to be completely healthy in all aspects to participate in a skydiving event. It is a popular belief that people who are affected with certain diseases like epilepsy cannot participate in skydiving. One needs to get a fitness certificate issued by a doctor. One is likely to get a fitness certificate even if one is affected with a mild form of a disease like epilepsy.

For those who are interested in quiz answers regarding skydiving there are a number of records. The most fascinating of these skydiving facts is that in 2006 in Thailand, 400 people from 312 countries jumped from about 23000 feet and formed a flower-like shape, which lasted for 80 seconds. The longest skydiving jump is one of the oldest records in skydiving. Joseph Kittinger jumped from an astonishing102800 feet above the earth. The jump lasted four minutes and a half. Although the governing authority of the sports disqualified this jump on technical grounds, this jump remains a high point in the history of skydiving.

Skydiving Fast and Easy

The drop zone in skydiving is the area a skydiver aims at to land when he jumps from the plane. This is the entire area where the diver leaves the plane and over which he drifts as he descends, as well as where he is expected to touch down when he hits the ground.

Therefore, the skydive drop zone is the whole region where people learn to and then practice skydiving. There are three primary ways to learn skydiving, and each depends upon the amount of time and money one is willing to spend. You can choose between tandem diving, static line diving and accelerated free fall. Each is designed to give you the experience of skydiving in varying degrees.

The way you choose to skydive for the first time will be determined by what you hope to derive from the skydiving experience. Your initial experience should be designed to acquaint you with the sport, while expanding your horizons and giving you fun and excitement.

The first type of skydiving that most people engage in is tandem skydiving. It is a great way to experience skydiving while taking little risk and without too much prior preparation. In this method of skydiving, a drogue parachute is used, which allows the parachute to open during a quick descent and then slow the descent down considerably so that the descent can be used as a training tool. Most skydiving centers and schools use tandem jumping as the first jump a student will try, but many people simply use tandem jumping for the one time jump of their lives just to experience this thrill.

Tandem skydiving means that the student is literally connected (by a harness) to the instructor during the dive. The student can choose to do nothing and enjoy the ride, or can learn by doing as the dive is taking place. In either case, the instructor has total, final control over the dive.

Another method by which to learn skydiving is the static line. In this method, the parachute is connected to a static line on the plane, and the parachute is deployed automatically as soon as the diver leaves the plane.

A final way to learn is the accelerated free fall. In this method, one or more instructors, usually two, accompany the student on his jump and assist and instruct him as he dives. If the student is unsure about how to deploy the parachute, the trainer can just reach over and show him what to do. If there is still a problem, the instructor will pull the student’s chute himself. This is the fastest way to a free fall dive. As a rule, there are at least three accompanied dives before the student can skydive solo.

Instructors are responsible for determining when a student is ready for a solo skydive by observing how he managed to dive into the sky dive drop zone area. There is nothing like that first experience of pulling your own ripcord when skydiving!