Extreme Skydiving – Freefall

How fast do you think a skydiver freefalls to the ground below before their shoot is activated? Well believe it or not the velocity of a skydiving freefall can be adjusted with their body positions. Typically however your belly will be facing the Earth below but you can still reach a staggering 190 kph, but the top speed has been clocked at 988 kph.

The typical skydive of 14,000 ft the will generally last 5 – 7 minutes but the skydiving freefall itself lasts no more than 1 minute. And floating down to Earth is where you get to truly see the beauty of the land below and makes you really appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.

Skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef is one example of skydiving over natural beauty. While most people who travel here they spend a day or two on a snorkelling tours and then have nothing else to do. But what if you could see this natural wonder while falling 13,000 ft? It’s literally a breathtaking way to view the Great Barrier Reef. But there are also many other places over coastlines and national parks that make for a beautiful skydive.

On your first jump it will be tandem, skydiving with an instructor who will first brief you on safety and how to position your body during the jump. Shortly after you will be up in the air peaking out at 9,000 ft, right up to 14,000 ft and this is when the nerves really kick in, particularly as you are edging closer to the door. Your instructor will make the jump and within seconds the plane you leapt from seems miles away. This is when the feeling of the skydiving freefall and adrenalin really kicks in.

Although the feeling is difficult to describe, the skydiving freefall itself doesn’t seem to give you a feeling of falling at high speeds, even though the skydiving freefall is huge. This is because the ground doesn’t seem to get any closer until at last you arrive at the point where the instructor pulls the shoot.

If want to talk about extreme skydiving then let’s talk about a famous name in Skydiving… Joseph Kittinger, a military officer who holds the world record for highest altitude jump and the fastest skydiving freefall. In 1960 Kittinger made his jump from a balloon at an unbelievable height of 102,800 ft which got him speeds of up 988 kph. This kind of jump is the definition of extreme skydiving.

Another record worth mentioning is in formation skydiving. In Udon Thailand, 2006 400 skydivers participated in breaking the world record in formation skydiving. Formation skydiving gets more and more difficult when increasing the number of skydivers but in 2006 they pulled this stunt off successfully.

Many who skydive get hooked on the adrenalin where as others just try it for the experience, no matter how terrified they may be. But skydiving venues are located all over the world and can be easily taken up as a hobby or a one-off experience.

Do You Want To Skydive In Ohio?

Is it Safe to Skydive in Ohio?

Skydiving is a big passion for many people and it is an extreme sport that doesn’t come without its dangers. There is more to skydiving than just jumping out of the plane because you have to go through training about safety and how to use the parachute etc.

Skydiving in Ohio is available to everyone from beginners to more advanced skydivers, but everyone needs to be fully trained because of the dangers involved. You will not be allowed to just skydive without the process beforehand, so remember it is a lot harder than what you may think.

What do you need to do to Skydive in Ohio?

Firstly registration will have to be completed to enroll with the skydiving school and this is where all of the legal things are done. The skydiving school will look after all of its equipment and do regular safety assessments to assure everyone who wants to skydive with them that they will be safe. Also anyone who wants to skydive will have to have a medical to make sure that they are fit enough to skydive.

After all of this has been done, an intensive training session will have to be undertaken to make sure that you know exactly what to do. You will have to listen to everything, then undertake some tests to make sure that you were paying attention to what you were being told. Skydiving is extremely dangerous and therefore preparation is absolutely vital to make sure that it is a great experience.

Is it Worth Skydiving in Ohio?

If you are a fan of skydiving or if are feeling daring and you want to try it for the first time, Ohio is a great place to do this. There are some great skydiving schools in Ohio where people of all levels can go to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. The schools will make sure that everything is as safe as possible and they will also make sure that people are trained before jumping out of a plane.

If you are considering skydiving, enquire about it at your nearest skydiving school and they will be able to answer any questions which you may have. The instructors will be completely trained and they will be there to put people at ease and make sure that the skydiving experience meets people’s expectations and more.

Overall, skydiving in Ohio is available to people of all skill levels and it offers a great training program before allowing people to actually skydive.

How To Skydive For Charity And Do It Well

Skydiving is well known from a long time for raising charity money as these kinds of adventurous sports always encourage peoples to donate money for the noble cause. Some events of skydiving are arranged to support cancer patients or other patients who can’t raise money for their treatment.

Skydiving is a very adventurous and risky sport so many investors get ready to invest in these kinds of sports as they are always looking to spend money on events like this. Events like this are common now a days as most people like to try something new and exciting, these exciting skydiving is not so easy but there are several skydiving experts are available who tech skydiving in few hours.

Anyone who is planning to organize an event regarding skydiving for the purpose of charity then there are several websites who are taking the responsibility to help those persons who are really serious for this charity. Many organizations are also willing to invest in these kinds of charity skydiving events. Skydiving is a very famous sport so every one loves to watch the show and a better donation is expected from every viewer for the charity purpose.

There are two types of skydiving available for training and performing

Tandem skydiving – in this skydiving the person who is trying it for the first is attached to an expert and then they are allowed to fall freely from an airplane. The total control of the parachute is under the control of the expert and he/she decides the time to open the parachutes before reaching the ground resulting in a perfect landing.

Solo skydiving – this skydiving is very risky and the person is completely in charge and on his own. Training for this skydiving is very long and takes around weeks and parachute quality should be good. The risk involved in this solo skydiving is very much more than one can imagine so precautions must be taken before jumping.

The craze for sky diving is not only limited to the sportsmen, but also to the spectators. So an intelligent way to gain some money by charity is to organize a big event by involving some investors.

Many patients are suffering from cancer around the world and they need extra money every time they go for treatment so these events help those peoples who are suffering from severe diseases. Internet is another way by which one can search for related investors from all over the world so that events like this can be organized.

Many websites are organizing such events on their own responsibility and they are also looking for candidates those who are interested in charity skydiving, they help in getting investors, organizing the products and material needed for skydiving.

There are many charity options are available but skydiving is best among them as it makes more money than any other events. Generally the total amount which gets raised due to this skydiving event is around $5000 – $6000 and this is quite enough for the charity purpose. The major problem peoples face while arranging this event is because of investors, some investors don’t like to invest on these kinds of events and this makes it quite tough to search for kind hearted sponsors who can invest some money on such events.

So if some one is really looking to raise some money for the charity purpose then he/she will first have to look for investors who can really support the entire event from starting to end. Skydiving is not a cheap sport it requires a good amount of money and special trained skydivers are also involved in these kinds of events to ensure maximum security to peoples who are dying to try skydiving.